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Primal Influence

Primal Influence

With the increase in use of modern technology and gadgets, the human race is losing the important connection to earth, nature and itself.

Our goal is to show this doesn’t have to be the case. We share ideas, thoughts and practical tips to show how to simplify life and how to connect with our ‘primal’ selves. We hope this will greatly improve the quality of life for readers and their families.



Helping Children Overcome Worry

I remember growing up I was what you’d call a “worry wart” because I’d worry about all sorts of trivial things. But today that’s not the case. I actually worry about very little! In fact, now you could call me… Continue Reading >

Golden Chicken Nuggets + No Nasty Tomato Sauce

  Getting children to eat healthily is challenging at the best of times, but there is hope!  This easy, healthy chicken nugget and sauce recipe will be a win-win for you and your children.   Nuggets: 250g free-range chicken thighs… Continue Reading >

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but gee they’re fun to play with!

The sight of a child playing with sticks and stones is usually enough to elicit some kind of freak-out response from most parents and with good reason; sticks and stones can be dangerous right? But really, that can be said… Continue Reading >

Be a hands on teacher

I was at the children’s playground one day with my niece and nephew, and being the big kid I am, I decided to climb a tree. You’ll never guess what happened…   There’s  no doubting the importance of free range… Continue Reading >



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