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Positive Special Needs Parenting

Positive Special Needs Parenting

Kirsty Russell is a positive special needs parent, dedicated to helping fellow parents find positivity and empowerment, even in the most difficult of moments. Parenting two kids with additional needs (autism, albinism, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, vision impairment), she knows life is not easy and that some days are overwhelming.

However, life as a special needs parent can get better when you accept the reality of your situation, manage your expectations, love your kids for who they are, understand how you can best help them and learn to find the positives (despite what you think, there are ALWAYS positives!)

Founder of My Home Truths and Positive Special Needs Parenting, Kirsty began as a personal blogger in 2011, recounting her return to the workforce after the birth of her third child (it turns out blogging was WAY cheaper than therapy!) Over time, her writing became more focused on her experiences as a special needs parent and she found herself providing advice, resources and understanding to fellow special needs parents, all around the world.

In 2016, Kirsty’s commitment to sharing her experiences earned her a place as a finalist in the Bupa Blog Awards and My Home Truths is now recognised by many as an important resource for special needs parents.

In 2017, Kirsty launched Positive Special Needs Parenting as a dedicated website for special needs parents and disability service providers. Her goal is to improve understanding between parents, providers and educators, to achieve better outcomes for their kids.

She aims to do this by providing consulting services, speaking in the community, creating resources and continuing to share her personal experiences in regular blog posts. 2017 also saw her international speaking debut at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference and the publication of her first book, Autism Family Travel.

Wife to one man, fur mum to two pugs, parent to three entertain-ing children and carer to too many to count, Kirsty is always busy, always worrying, always juggling and always wondering what she’s forgotten now…



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