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The Parentmedic Movement is a global community of Parentmedic Ambassadors dedicated to empowering and educating parents in Baby and Child First Aid, Safe Sleep and Safety. It is our mission for every child in the world to care for by someone who has the confidence and the knowledge to keep them safe and supported.

Our global network of Parentmedic Ambassadors educates parents and carers on the critical skills you need to always keep your child safe. Your Parentmedic Ambassador understands the trials and tribulations in the early years of child raising. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help you feel more prepared and confident as a parent.

You can contact your local ambassador direct and see how they can help you become confident in your child's health, how to keep them safe and what to do in an emergency.




Once our children become more aware and mobile they are at the risk of consuming poison in the household. Children between the ages of one and four are at the highest risk and the most common items around the household… Continue Reading >

Parentmedic First Aid Travel Tips

  Be prepared We know the list just gets longer and longer but more importantly than throwing in the 20th toy or teddy, is to think about any first aid items and products that you may need while you’re away…. Continue Reading >

Swaddling and your Babes Hips

  Swaddling is a super part of bringing up the baby but exactly what do we need to think about before we start wrapping bubs up before sleep. Well, we need to think about the development of babes hips and… Continue Reading >

We are talking about snakes!

Those slippery little suckers that make most of us squirm! As the weather starts warming up we find more and more reports of snakes popping their heads out and potentially biting a loved one. So when we are talking about… Continue Reading >

Battery Dangers

The adventure of becoming a parent can be daunting at times, and throughout this journey, we learn many things along the way. One of the biggest issues we face is how do we keep our child safe. Although we can… Continue Reading >

Drowning and Water Safety

The horrifying tragedy behind drowning is that it is preventable, but more importantly, it isn’t just the pool or beach that can cause havoc it is other things around our home that are apart of our everyday activities such as… Continue Reading >


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