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You know how searching for activities of interest to you and your family can take hours, and it’s frustrating when you don’t find what you’re looking for?

Well, mudputty is an easy way to find and book classes and activities in your area. mudputty helps fuel your interests and find your tribe, uniting you with an authentic community so that you can fulfil one of your most basic needs: connection.

That’s what inspired mudputty’s founder, Raeleen Kaesehagen. As a busy mother of two young children, Raeleen discovered that the activities of interest to her — for her kids, herself, and family — were the hardest to find.

She used classes as a way to connect, be with others, learn and just be social. She spent hours searching for classes of interest, or something fun for the weekend, only to come up empty-handed. Later, she’d hear about an amazing activity through word-of-mouth and wonder why nobody knew about it.

What’s more, she saw fantastic teachers struggling to fill classes. They wanted to share their gift with others, but the business side of teaching was time-consuming.

That’s what sparked the idea for mudputty: a central place to connect a community of people who love to learn and live their passions.

Walk into a class, share a smile, chat, and leave with friends who you can meet up later for coffee.

Will you join us? Get started as an attendee or host today.



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