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Little Rockers Radio

Little Rockers Radio

Sarah Morrissey is the founder of Little Rockers Radio, a 24/7 online radio station that’s dedicated to children from birth to 6 and their Mums, Dads & Carers.

Since launch in 2014 Mums, Dads & Carers have pressed PLAY well over 1 million times and danced, sang, listened to Story Time, yoga, lullabies & more.

Sarah is a Mum of two aged 10 and 8 and is completely passionate, some may say crazy, about Children’s health, both physical and mental and for this reason plays yoga, meditation and physical activity messages along with great music!

Sarah is also keen to shine a light on the truly amazing Australian artists that are making music for children, having only discovered many of them after launching.



It’s not just monkey business. Why yoga and meditation for children is important!

Just like adults, Children can suffer from different stresses in their lives. Starting kinder, starting primary or high school, moving home, changes to family situations and more. One way we can help children to cope with situations of stress, as… Continue Reading >

When we think we are too small to make a difference! Small daily actions can lead to big changes.

I saw a quote the other day from the founder of The Body Shop, Anita Rodick, it read: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room!” How simple!… Continue Reading >

NAMASTE for a great cause! Australia’s largest simultaneous kid’s yoga class is coming to help support children who are victims of family violence! Will you be part of it?

I’m literally bursting at the seams to tell you about this exciting event that Little Rockers Radio is running. As with all of our events, we make them fun and interactive, so all the kiddies can be involved. The cause… Continue Reading >

Help Red Nose reduce from nine a day to zero

Red Nose is encouraging Australians to help reduce the deaths of nine children a day to ZERO, by supporting Red Nose Day on Friday 29 June. As a reminder: Red Nose advises there’s 6 ways to sleep your baby safely… Continue Reading >

5 lullabies to put your baby to sleep that you will love too

Putting our little ones to bed can sometimes be an uphill battle. For some of us, we follow a strict routine, for others, it’s a case of winging it each and every night. One thing many parents can agree on… Continue Reading >

From the loss of a nephew to a national disco broadcast that raises funds for Red Nose!

This year marks 10-years since my nephew passed away. It breaks my heart every time I hear of a family going through the loss of a child. A loss is so obviously heartbreaking for parents, it also breaks the hearts… Continue Reading >

Development of our Children’s Fine & Gross Motor Skills: We’re falling short

Anyone who knows me, knows I am insanely passionate about children and movement. Movement is so unbelievably important from a young age and teaching our children the basic skills of throwing, catching, squatting, kicking, etc through play is imperative for… Continue Reading >

5 great reasons children should be doing yoga!

Did you know? It is estimated that 1 in 7 primary school-age children has a mental health difficulty, like anxiety, depression and behaviour problems, but only 1 in 4 gets the help they need. Certain risk factors present before 6 months… Continue Reading >

Going into battle without inciting a war with our kids

My children are part of an after-school public speaking program and are learning about the fine art of communication. After close to a year in this program my 8-year old daughter has become a master negotiator. One of her secret… Continue Reading >

Little Rockers Red Nose Disco

From a terrible loss, the country’s largest simultaneous disco has been created. Over 50,000 Australian pre-schoolers dancing to raise funds for Red Nose. After losing my nephew to SIDS at 16-months of age I decided to make fundraising for Red… Continue Reading >

Sleeping your baby safely & pledging ‘I’m in’ to help save babies lives!

Red Nose Day is fast approaching, Friday June 30, so I thought I would cover their advice on safe sleeping and let you know how you can get involved this Red Nose Day. Red Nose provides vital safe sleeping education… Continue Reading >

Children have to ask questions, it’s how they learn!

Did you know?… “Research has found the amount of questions asked by children differs with age and gender, four-year-old girls being the most inquisitive asking 390 questions a day and at the other end of the spectrum, nine-year-old boys are… Continue Reading >

Music for Children… The benefits are endless.

Music has such a positive impact on us all. We can be driving in the car on a rainy winters day and a song from summer comes over the radio, instantly taking us right back to that warm and vibrant… Continue Reading >



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