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Life Reimagined and ShareAbode

Life Reimagined and ShareAbode

She is a solo mum to two young toddlers, Dustin & Monique and only one year into this solo parenting journey, made headlines throughout Australia with a first of its kind, personally funded platform called ShareAbode.

The aim of this platform is to connect single parents wanting to share the load of rental and living expenses. Allowing them access to higher standards of living, help with parental duties and support emotionally.

ShareAbode is fast becoming more than just a co-living plat-form. Willo is creating other tools to bring to single parents that will essentially educate and empower them on a money and mindset and offer a social aspect that can help them emotionally. She really believes in teaching them how to fish, as opposed to just giving them the fish!

Along the same lines as this, she is also a mentor, coach and facilitator to parents that want to write a compelling life script for themselves. As a PG & I Consultant she is passionate about educating parents on the relationship between their thoughts, behavior and results they are getting in their life. This coaching business is aptly named Parenting Reimagined.

The journey for her with the founding of these two businesses is the underlying message to her children that they can be, do, have anything they want if they just believe in themselves and when you give, you get.



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