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KidzAid Australia

KidzAid Australia

In 2011, Brionhy Westbrook, a then stay at home Mum was faced with exactly this crisis. Brionhy, also a highly trained critical care nurse put her knowledge to work, consequently saving her six-month- old daughter’s life. Brionhy’s two children, and 17 years experience in critical care nursing, cemented her belief in the need for paediatric first aid training in the community.

”It’s because I’m a Mum and an emergency nurse that the business came-about. I think about how precious my children are and how terrifying it would be if I was in a situation people often face and didn’t know what to do".

“Being an emergency nurse and dealing with life and death, it’s really devastating seeing families lose their loved ones. It makes you think why hasn’t this happened to me and that it could, so the fear and the opportunity to change circumstances is real.

”Each year approximately 250 Australian children are killed and 58,000 hospitalised by unintentional injuries. This was the impetus for Brionhy to found KidzAid.

“Our mission at KidzAid is to educate as many parents, grandparents and carers within the community about the importance of learning paediatric first aid. Knowledge is power and there is nothing more important than being prepared and confident to act in an emergency situation. A large majority of presentations to the emergency department are paediatric cases (infants/children); parents often present feeling helpless as they don’t know what to do. I’m hoping to educate as many parents as possible about the importance of having these lifesaving skills”. - Brionhy Westbrook - CEO



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