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Jenna Claringbould

Jenna Claringbould

Hi, I'm Jenna.

I'm a 26 year old mum of two beautiful little girls Savannah Joy, 3 years and Isabelle Mae 2 years and a beautiful little boy Abel Gordon.

In a long term relationship with my partner Lachlan (Nug).
I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mum since having my first daughter.

I am here to share the good and bad of being a stay at home mum to 3 kids 3 and under.

I think that as mums (and just women in general) we need to support and help each other through motherhood and life and I hope to help even just one mum feel like they’re not alone.


Starting School

So this week my oldest baby started school. And I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m excited for her to be starting a new journey, the next chapter of her life. But I’m also said that she’s grown… Continue Reading >

The real side of being a stay at home mum

For this blog I decided to share what it’s really like from my experience of being a stay at home mum. Lately, I’ve felt very isolated, and lonely. I only have a few close friends and that’s ok I’m happy… Continue Reading >

My experience with PND 

Post Natal Depression We have all been given the screening test during and after pregnancy. We have all at least heard briefly of or about it but it’s something that needs to be talked about more openly before, during and… Continue Reading >

Enjoying the Cuddles

One piece of advice, a lot of new mums get is to ENJOY the baby stage, enjoy the cuddles. Because it doesn’t last forever and one day they don’t want to be cuddled anymore. It goes so fast enjoy it… Continue Reading >

Difficult Decisions

Lately I have had a lot going on. And I’m noticing more now that the years are just flying by. One minute you’re a first time mum with your first newborn baby and next minute you’re a mum to 3 kids…. Continue Reading >

Stop Judging Mums

So yesterday was a hard day. As usual, my kids wouldn’t listen to me. (When do they ever) but with Isabelle’s birthday coming up on the weekend I was trying to get things organised and get the house clean and… Continue Reading >

Starting Kinder

So this year my oldest started 4yo kinder. (Start crying hysterically) It’s an exciting and sad occasion. Sad that my baby is growing up and excited to watch her grow, make new friends and experience new things. It’s one of… Continue Reading >

Sharing your love between your babies

Today I saw a post on Facebook in one of the mum’s group pages I follow and someone had posted asking for advice/reassurance she is halfway through her pregnancy with her second baby the question was if you ever wondered… Continue Reading >

Mum Shaming 

Mum shaming, I feel like this topic gets talked about a bit but then at the same time it doesn’t. And when it does most people don’t pay as much attention as they should. I wanted to talk about it… Continue Reading >

Becoming a Mum

Becoming a mum is supposed to be such a magical time in a woman’s life, and it is but it can also be a challenging and lonely time too. That’s not something that we are told though, no one really… Continue Reading >

The Transition after Having Babies

When you have your first baby it’s a huge change, it’s amazing, exciting and scary all at the same time. You never feel fully prepared for the baby to arrive. You have either read a bunch of parenting/baby books or… Continue Reading >

Being A Stay At Home Mum 

There is a lot of opinions out there about stay at home mums. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of things on social media about stay at home mums, about how they don’t do anything except sit around all day and… Continue Reading >

A Mothers Breastfeeding Journey

I feel like its something that you really cannot prepare for. Even if you get told every possible thing that can happen, you still can’t truly prepare yourself for the pain, the struggles, the worry but also the beauty of… Continue Reading >

Life is Messy

One thing I hear quite often from mums whether it’s a friend or someone writing on a page on facebook, is that they are a stay at home mum and are struggling to juggle kids and housework. And it makes me think… Continue Reading >

Toilet Training

We are currently in the process of toilet training with our now 3-year-old. We introduced a potty when she was around 2 years. It has taken a lot longer than expected and we have had many setbacks. I had tried whilst I was still… Continue Reading >

Camping With Toddlers

When my oldest daughter was about 10 months old we decided to go camping for a weekend away. It was nearing the end of winter so it was cold to say the least and I really wanted to take her… Continue Reading >

Another day, Another accident, Another hospital trip.

So usually my days are pretty standard routine nothing that exciting happens, but this day went a little differently. Usually, on a weekday the day starts with my partner Lachlan going off to work nice and early around 6.30 am. At that… Continue Reading >

My experience of being a solo parent. 

Recently I had to be a “single parent” as my partner got offered to go away to Sydney for a month for work to fill in for someone up there. It was 2 weeks before our middle child’s birthday. She… Continue Reading >

Expecting a baby whilst having toddlers at home.

My first pregnancy was less than glorious it was horrible, to say the least; but compared to my second, and now third, looking back, it was definitely easier. You’re probably wondering why, that is considering I was sick all day,… Continue Reading >

The hardest part of becoming a mum

The scariest part of becoming a mum is not knowing. Not knowing how your pregnancy is going to go, how the birth is going to go, how much your life is going to change, how attached you’re going to feel… Continue Reading >

The Story of My Third Pregnancy

So for most of 2017, I was pregnant with my third baby. We were finally getting our little boy. At my 12th week scan, all was going well but the technician seemed a bit concerned about the fact I chose… Continue Reading >

Our Little Hospital Trip

So recently, we had a major scare. My two lovely daughters were playing together which is usually great that they are playing pleasantly. However, this time not so good. My oldest pushed the youngest off the couch so she fell… Continue Reading >



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