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Laura Westbrook

Laura Westbrook

My name is Laura and I am an exhaustedly proud stay-at-home mother of a content, sweet natured one year old and an obstreperous three year old.

I've been married to my handsome hubby for five years, together for ten and committed to at least another five if he continues to keep up with the ever-growing laundry pile.

I had my first child at twenty-four and was the only one of my friends to have children back then which I found extremely isolating. Couple that with a difficult pregnancy and a baby who screamed day and night I found myself seeking guidance and reassurance from social media. Seeing all the perfect parents with their complimentary colour schemes, sleeping babies and flattering lighting frequenting my newsfeed had me feeling like a failure so I endeavoured to make sure that my social media presence wouldn't be so.

Life as a Mum isn't often glamorous, it's raw and it's real and customarily challenging. If I can help just one Mum feel like she is less alone as she sits in the dark at 2am covered in someone else's vomit after spending a day contemplating the movements of a bowel that doesn't belong to her then I will call it a win.

Wine helps too.

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