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Drama Mumma

Drama Mumma

Bil Heit a.k.a. The Drama Mumma is an entertainer, early childhood and parenting educator and ‘Mum’ to three kids.

Passionate about the arts and the importance of creative expression for kids, Bil is also committed to promoting positive parent-child relationships and gentle parenting.

With qualifications in the Arts and Human Services (with a focus on Childhood and Family studies), Bil has over 15 years experience working with young families and children of all ages in various settings – music and drama workshops, playgroup facilitation, and early childhood & development programs.

Far from perfect in any area of life, The Drama Mumma seeks to learn from mistakes, always be open to better ways of doing things, and to advocate for the respect of others in all circumstances.

As a performer, this year she will feature in GREASE – The Arena Experience as it tours nationally. Guest starring Dami Im, this ground-breaking production will feature a new mass ensemble cast of talented locals from each new city, providing them with an unforgettable performance experience (and teaching the professional cast a thing or two along the way)!



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