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Devoted Nutrition

Devoted Nutrition

Hi, I'm Daniela, a dietitian, researcher and the founder of Devoted Nutrition.

I’ve always been fascinated with food & not the typical type of fascination, from a very early age I grew up having a phobia of food.
So why did I choose Dietetics? There is not a single reason that leads me to become a Dietitian but, rather a combination of experiences. The fact that I love educating others (always blabbering on about what I've learnt), am passionate about healthcare & my overall fascination with food, lead to the point 5 years ago, where I completed my Master of Dietetics in Melbourne.

Shortly after, I started my private practice, Devoted Nutrition. I absolutely enjoy getting to know my clients and through this, I found where my passion for nutrition lied. I wanted to focus on helping my clients through their food-relationships and fears.

To further hone in on my specialty area, I took the opportunity to work with food allergic children and I am currently researching the interplay between food-relationships / disordered eating and food allergies.



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