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Connected Mama

Connected Mama

Cherie Pasion lives up to her name and is deeply passionate about the transformative journey women go on as they become mothers.

Cherie is the author of the book It’s Your Birth… Right? A guide for professional women to calmly transition to motherhood, creator of the popular Affirmations for Mothers Card Pack used by Hollywood A-List parents, and founder of Connected Mama.

What makes Cherie jump out of bed every morning is helping women step into their authentic self during motherhood. She is also passionate for modern mamas to create their ‘village’ to support them in motherhood and their life goals.

Cherie lives in Brisbane, just a stone’s throw from D’Aguilar National Park and loves to enjoy nature with her trail running husband and heart-centred four year old son. She also loves to dance in her PJs and doesn’t really care if anyone is watching.

You can get in touch with Cherie at or on Facebook ( or Instagram (



Save your sanity when you’re too busy for ‘me-time’

Oh boy. When I put my hand up recently to volunteer at my son’s school, I didn’t quite realise what I was getting into. Don’t get me wrong, the community is terrific and I love being part of something bigger…. Continue Reading >

3 fun breathing exercises to keep your kids calm

Connecting with our breath is one of the easiest and simplest ways to transform our mood. And it’s the same with children too. Breathing can help children learn how to relax and safely regulate their emotions, giving them a vital… Continue Reading >

The pregnancy dilemma – how to slow down and still live a busy life

Yesterday I saw a bit of a preachy post in a Facebook group aimed at pregnant women at large. The gist of the post was that all pregnant women must slow down. In the past week, this post-natal worker had… Continue Reading >

3 Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby Using Sound

‘Shhhhhhh… Shhhhhhh…” Have you ever held a crying or grumbling baby or child in your arms and uttered these comforting tones? On countless occasions, no doubt. But have you ever stopped to think about why you so naturally use these… Continue Reading >

What I understand about motherhood the second time around

It’s now my second time having a baby. The first time was such a life-changing experience, I ended up writing a book about it.  At the time I had a great professional role and really valued my independence. (Yes, I… Continue Reading >

How to keep stress at bay while you juggle work and family

Lately I’ve been running. And not in a sporty way. Instead, in a Mila Kunis’ way in Bad Moms. Remember those scenes where she is always running. Running to drop her kids to school, running to work, running back to… Continue Reading >

4 Ways to Reconnect this Autumn

As the seasons change from the festive, light-filled and warm summer days to the lingering darkness in the cooler mid-autumn days, can you feel a shift? Are you getting a sense of wanting to go inwards? To examine the quiet?… Continue Reading >

Connect with your kids with this nature bonding activity

Nature is full of wonder and intrigue – especially for young minds and adventurers. It is full of lessons, life cycles at every conceivable stage, vibrant colours, rich and complex scents.  Things that are essential for a growing and curious… Continue Reading >

Struggling to have another baby? So was I and here’s what I learnt.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve started announcing that I’m pregnant with my second child. And to explain the 5 year gap between kids, I explain that we’ve been trying for 3 years. This has been met with a… Continue Reading >

How to deal with your emotional swings as a new mum

It’s not easy being pregnant or having new children (or older children for that matter.) Our emotions go on a roller coaster of ups and downs, and we can be left wondering what is happening to us. For me, the… Continue Reading >

4 Essential Ingredients for a Smooth Transition to Motherhood

Like all transitions, motherhood marks a changing of the season. The old pre-baby season makes way for the start of a profound new journey as a family. And the early days of the motherhood season is one of the most… Continue Reading >

20 empowering affirmations to help you rock your birth

It’s been 7 weeks and 5 hours since I gave birth to my son. And it’s been 7 weeks and 16 hours since I’ve opened my laptop.  Now, as the baby is sleeping and the older boy is having some… Continue Reading >

5 Things To Let Go of in Parenting that will Save Your Sanity

By Cherie Pasion Coming into the job, we all knew parenting didn’t have an instruction manual. (And yet we still did it anyway – does that make us crazy or amazing!?) Each step of the way we’ve played the trial… Continue Reading >

If it takes a village…

If it takes a village, how do you find your tribe? There is an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. But I think it also takes a village to raise a mother. Given… Continue Reading >

Why I wrote a ‘birth preference’ list instead of a birth plan

  Like many pregnant women with a looming due date, I’m starting to put pen to paper about my wishes for bub’s birth. Commonly known as a birth plan, it’s typical for birthing couples to list out a page or… Continue Reading >



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