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Charlotte Sapwell Little Explorers

Charlotte Sapwell Little Explorers

‘I'm Charlotte a 27 years old, the mum of two incredible boys Eli (6) Theo (3)

I built a Tiny house in my parents backyard, and my story went viral now I dedicate my time to sharing my ‘tiny parenting’ in a uniquely honest way in an attempt to show that you don't have to build a tiny house to be an inspiration.

I’m a firm believer that anyone can do anything with support and encouragement and that can be as simple as reading that someone else thinks or has experienced the same feelings as you!

I am looking forward to writing all things DIY, honest and sometimes taboo but most of all I like sharing things to make everyone else feel like they’re doing a great job at the hardest job in the world.’



A Rose by any other Name

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The day I said YES!

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