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Aussie Allergy Mum

Aussie Allergy Mum

Caroline Partridge is the Aussie Allergy Mum.

Living life with allergies can be lonely and challenging, and Caroline knows this all too well. The arrival of her second daughter brought with it the world of kids with allergies.
She never wanted other parents to feel alone on their journey and so the blog and then business Aussie Allergy Mum was born.

Caroline uses her background in paramedics and study of nutrition to help other allergy families find accurate and helpful allergy information and resources, as well as support.

She loves to help families become confident with their allergy reality through her workshops, courses and coaching.

She is also passionate about mums taking care of themselves well, so they can care for their families, running courses on nutrition, mental health and self-care for mums.



The Role of Food in Sleep

Everyone needs sleep. There is no wonder why sleep deprivation is a torture technique. But for many parents, their kid’s sleep is a source of frustration and anxiety. There are so many reasons why kids don’t sleep well. And allergy… Continue Reading >

Ice-cream with an allergy friendly twist

I like nothing more than a sneaky afternoon treat with my girls. But with allergies in play, finding something we all enjoy has been somewhat more difficult. I loooooooove ice-cream, but it is certainly not the kind of thing I… Continue Reading >

Milk Allergy- the common beginning to the allergy story

Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance, Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy, Milk/Soy Protein Intolerance, milk allergy. These are the most common allergies in infants, affecting approximately 1 in 10 infants under the age of 1. For my allergy baby, this was where our… Continue Reading >

6 Years as an Allergy Mum

This month I wanted to take the time to really celebrate an amazing milestone. My youngest girl and allergy baby turned 6 in March. And so, I am celebrating 6 years as an allergy mum. Boy, it has been a… Continue Reading >

Advice from an Allergy Mum

Aussie Allergy Mum is all about supporting allergy families. This month I decided to ask the mums in our Facebook group to share there best advice for other allergy families that might be recently diagnosed or currently struggling.   Below… Continue Reading >

Flying with Food Allergies

Flying with food allergies is often the subject of media attention. And along with that, also the subject of a lot of confusion and anxiety for allergy families. I am going to share my top tips for flying with food… Continue Reading >

Allergies and Special Occasions

Allergies and special occasions can be quite a minefield, for both the allergy sufferer and for everyone around them. This Christmas, I encourage everyone to step back and consider how they can help make sure that allergy kids are included… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Connect with Your Child Today

This month it is time to focus on connections. Before the crazy of Christmas descends. ‘Cause us mums are busy, busy, busy little bees. Focused on the tasks that keep the family running, the kids fed, the house semi-clean. But… Continue Reading >

Would you Recognise an Allergic Reaction?

Often when talking to people, they share their confusion about how to know if someone is having an allergic reaction. In order to be able to help someone, you kind of need to be able to recognise the situation. So… Continue Reading >

Why eggs are no longer the devil!

There are lots of people out there with an opinion on how to introduce solids to your baby. Well-meaning grandmas, celebrity chefs, the random lady down the street. You name it, they have a great plan for what you should… Continue Reading >

Aussie Allergy Mum- My Story

What better way to start, than from the beginning?! See my business is built from a place of personal need. And I know there are thousands of parents out there that need the same stuff. Food allergies are everywhere. Every… Continue Reading >


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