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A Mums Instinct

A Mums Instinct

Lisa Jolly is a Nurse, Midwife and Child Health Nurse with over 20 years’ experience and holds a Masters degree in Maternal Child Health. Lisa is a clairvoyant/medium, utilising this ability when working with parents and their children, allowing a greater depth to any underlying questions. She is also a mother to 4 inspiring children, ranging in ages from 22 years to 8 years old, so her professional philosophy on parenting has been validated by some real life experiences!

Lisa works in private practice as a Maternal Child Health Nurse, offering one to one consults for parents, from newborns until school age.

Every child is as unique as our fingerprints, with their own in-ner guidance system and the way in which they interact with this world. Lisa specializes in guiding parents intuitively, from a mind, body and soul focused approach to understand and listen to their babies’ and children’s cues and inner voices, whilst nurturing the parents’ instincts and needs in their journey.

Lisa will guide and empower you on your journey as a parent in a holistic manner. Supporting all facets of the child/parent dynamic; honoring the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and psychosocial aspects.


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You Are Enough

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No Judgements Needed

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Learning to listen to our babies. One experience that led me to truly understand the world from the baby’s viewpoint.

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Bringing Baby home. Now what?

Those first few days when you get home after birth can seem the most daunting, bewildering but also a glorious time. When I brought my first child home, many years ago now…eek. I had no idea what I was meant… Continue Reading >



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